Ok, so it has taken two whole months to get this done. I have been meaning to get one done for ages and to actually start blogging but as usual it all  just kept getting pushed to the bottom of my very very long to do list. It is very cringe for me to watch and I didn’t actually realise how many times I said errrm in a sentence (I will give you a clue, its a lot). Please do not think that this is how I get dolled up for the workshop everyday because I can assure you I do not hahaha.

I hope it will give you a little bit of an insight into Little Silver Star and me and why I do what I do. Because it really  is my baby. You know, I have worked so hard to build it up from the ground and like I say in the video I could not have done it without any of you, so thank you from the bottom of my heart guys.

Anyway, have a watch and see what you think and if you have any questions at all please feel free to get in touch any time.


Love Kate xx


P.S. can you tell I am from Wolverhampton? hahahahaha