Ring Sizer



The sizer will be posted within one working day. You will also receive a discount code with your sizer that will give you the money that you paid for it back if you go on to buy one of our rings.

The plastic ring sizer works like a belt. Once on the finger, it is tightened to be a comfortable fit and the correct ring size can be read from the side.

Please be aware that this sizer is just a guide and the best and most-accurate way to find out your size is to call into a local jeweller and try on a ring of a similar width to the ring you are purchasing.

All rings made by Little Silver Star are measured using the UK sizing system, from A all the way to Z+3.

When measuring your ring size there are a few things to be aware of:

Your fingers will change size slightly throughout the day, with the temperature and physical activity having an effect.
If your hands are cold, your fingers can be up to half a size smaller.
Many of our rings are over 10mm so please be aware that you could be up to 2 sizes bigger in a wider banded ring.
This includes stacking rings.



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