Custom order for Tanya



Could I have a hammered stacking bangle with a Purple Heart on it


> A full bangle saying… widge ( stamped black heart)🖤 my main man forever (  a silver heart ) Joey( stamped black heart)🖤 my light,my hope,my safe place (a silver heart )then  little stamped hearts where there’s room …


> Can I send in my disc bangle bracelet and have 2 more bangles put through the original one (1 hammered,1 bobbles) and  another disc saying ..mummy bear with stamped hearts and a amethyst stone in the middle


> I have brought ankle bracelet but it’s a bit tight,would you be able to add another inch  and a half of silver chain onto the existing chain?


> And I have a necklace but the clasp and chain bit Arne silver and gives me a rash ,would you be able to replace the chain and clasp with a silver one ?


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